SunsetWx has been featured via a multitude of platforms spanning television, online, print and radio mediums. Highlighted below is a very brief sample of SunsetWx in the media.

– Here’s why this morning’s sunrise was extra spectacular

Cory Reppenhagen of 9News Colorado features the company after an accurate prediction of a vivid sunset around the Denver, CO area.

– A spectacular sunset is in the forecast tonight — will it prove true?

Leigh Morgan of highlights the possibility of a vivid sunset as predicted by SunsetWx.

– SunsetWx Partners with The Weather Channel

Featured on the homepage of The Pennsylvania State University, this article highlights the company’s partnership with the Weather Channel, occurring in the summer of 2017.

– More than just a pretty picture: The science behind stunning sunsets

SunsetWx’s Benjamin Reppert is interviewed by AccuWeather meteorologist Reneé Duff regarding what atmospheric conditions go into creating a vivid sunset.

– As predicted by Penn State group: A pretty sunset with vivid colors gives a brief overview on the team, and the company via an online article and an article that was published on the front page of the Local News section in the Sunday edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

– Grab your camera — this forecast predicts when sunsets will be spectacular

The Washington Post profiles an outline of the company, and highlights the methodology of delivering forecasts to the public.

– How to Avoid a Boring Sunset

Oliver Roeder of FiveThirtyEight provides an overview of the company, in addition to insightful commentary on what sunsets and sunrises mean to the team on a personal note.

– Sunset Weather Interview on CBS Saturday Morning

Interviewed by Mark Albert of CBS Saturday Morning, Jacob DeFlitch, Ben Reppert, and Steve Hallett are profiled on SunsetWx. Also featured is a bit of information about what goes into the algorithm. Click the title above to watch the interview (7m:02s). (12/19/2015)

– Love Sunsets as Much as I Do? Check Out This New Tool!

Becky DePodwin of AccuWeather highlights SunsetWx’s accuracy via verification from around the United States in addition to providing a brief explanation of how SunsetWx works.

– Greg Molyneux Photography – SunsetWx

Greg Molyneux highlights the appeal of SunsetWx to landscape photographers in his blog.

– New Sunset-Quality Forecasts Mean You’ll Never Miss Another Stunner

Written by Eric Holthaus of Slate, this article ‘debuts’ SunsetWx and highlights a job well done on a forecast of sunset quality across big cities in the Northeast on the evening of November 22nd. (11/23/2015)

SunsetWx Appears on Good Morning America

One of the first forecasts released propelled the company into the national spotlight. This specific forecast was shared on Good Morning America soon after, by Ginger Zee. A video highlighting the feature is shown below:

– New Weather Model Predicts Sunsets Before They Happen

Scott Sistek of KOMO News delves into the methodology behind our algorithm and profiles the team at SunsetWx. (11/30/2015)

– SunsetWx Can Forecast Picture-Perfect Sunsets

Michael Zhang of Petapixel highlights the uses of SunsetWx for photographers. (12/01/16)

– A Map Tool for Finding Tonight’s Most Beautiful Sunsets

John Metcalfe of Citylab takes the forecast for a test drive in this article. (12/02/15).

– These 3 guys may have figured out how to predict awesome sunsets

Len Melisurgo of writes a lengthy article about how the SunsetWx team started, how the algorithm works, and where we see ourselves going in the future. (12/09/15)

– Forecasting beauty: Student, alums make model to predict vivid sunsets, sunrises

Liam Jackson of The Pennsylvania State University writes about the roles each team member plays, and how SunsetWx got its start. (12/16/2015).